2017-2018 Yearly Calendar

Looking for a yearly calendar template that’s sleek and simple? Look no further. Here’s a simple design for the 2017-2018 academic year that runs from August – July.

** Need another design? Comment below and let me know what monthly arrangement would work best for you!

Yearly calendars perfect way to help your piano students and parents stay organized and “in the know.”  Here’s a quick video about how I use yearly calendars in my studio! Note: Keywords don’t work in the comments here! To download the files, just keep reading. 😉  

This calendar starts with August and runs through July… I will upload other versions of this soon! (Make sure to subscribe to the blog above.) It’s fully editable through Word, so you can highlight the days that your students/parents need to know! Include recitals, festivals, group lesson weeks, deadlines for registration, etc!


To download the editable Word .docx document (recommended), CLICK HERE.

Editing instructions: 

To highlight/color a day: (1) Click on the day, (2) Select the Table Design Tab, and (3) Select color of choice under Shading. 
You can change any colors on this chart with the method above! 🙂 

To download a PDF version of this calendar (and edit by hand or your choice of graphic software),CLICK HERE.

I hope you find this calendar useful! 

Paste it in your students’ assignment binders, send a copy home with parents, and make sure to post one in your waiting room.

But remember… don’t rely solely on calendars. In person and email reminders are always nice. Announce your events clearly and often!

Looking for other calendar designs? Check out Calendar Labs.

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  • by BJ Posted July 30, 2018 9:06 pm

    Hi Sara, Thanks for sharing! Is there any way to open this in Pages and still see the border lines and title bar colors? Also would love a version displaying August-May.

    • by Sara Campbell Posted July 31, 2018 10:42 am

      Hey there! Sorry, but there’s no easy way to convert this to a Pages document. It was created in Word, and it loses all formatting when I try to open it with Pages. Also — this calendar is outdated 🙂 — I’ll be uploading a 2018-2019 calendar later this week in Word and PDF versions. If you’re looking for a Pages template, I’d start here! https://www.calendarlabs.com/

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