Sara Campbell is a Business Strategist and Mindset Coach for music studio owners and online education experts. She’s worked with hundreds of music entrepreneurs to create customized branding foundations, business plans, and marketing and social media strategies. 

She’s helped clients become the go-to music studios in their area, build successful online businesses, and increase their income streams – without overloading their schedules. As a mindset coach she works with teachers to develop their “awesometicity” so that they can run awesome AND authentic music studios and online businesses that bring joy to their lives and the lives of their clients. 

Sara’s been featured in Clavier Magazine, Piano Bench Mag, Upbeat Piano Teachers, and has guest blogged for numerous experts, including Jennifer Foxx, Joy Morin, and Tim Topham. She’s been a guest on The Full Voice Podcast, Inspiring Music Teachers, and Teach Music Co. She’s a coach in The Speakeasy Cooperative and The Prepared Performer. Sara lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and her cat named Grizabella.

Current & Recent Projects:

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