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Hiding in the sea of sameness? 

Stand out with a unique, powerful studio brand so that you can increase your roster AND your rates.

Branding Bootcamp with Sara Campbell, a class for music studio and online music business owners

Let’s talk about you.

You’re pretty dang awesome. We KNOW that you’re a great teacher of voice,  or piano, or guitar, or the oboe, or… the ukulele. (Man, did you pick a ripe market!!)

But… just because you’re an amazing teacher doesn’t mean that that “business stuff” comes easily. After all, what kind of business training did we get at school or university?  Probably not a lot. Or more likely: None at all. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Your FB page or website might bring in some good inquiries, but if you’re getting mostly duds… or if you find yourself desiring more out of your teaching business, then it’s time to shake up the way you market.

This is where studio owners and course creators sometimes get lost.

When you started… you opened your doors and hung up signs to let people know you’re there: maybe it was one of those “PIANO & VOICE LESSONS: ALL AGES AND ALL LEVELS” signs. Eventually you even started a FB page and an Insta account.

(Full disclosure: That’s actually a line from my first FB page and website. Not kidding. This story is mine.)

That unclear messaging? It attracted some of the wrong clients. (Ugh.)

… the ones who didn’t practice. 

… the ones who argued about registration fees and tuition.

… the ones who quit after only taking lessons for a month. 

Yup…. I’ve BEEN THERE. These scenarios happened because my marketing strategies didn’t actually align with my business values and vision.

Even if you’ve never given ANY thought to branding…

Your music biz has a brand.

/ Service = What you are selling. (Piano lessons, voice lessons, online music courses…)

Brand = The perceived image of your products or services.

What does YOUR current FB page communicate to potential students? Your website? Your Google business listing?… And what does it say to your clients if you don’t have those things? 

Here’s the naked truth: If you don’t put time and effort into crafting your brand… you are giving OTHER PEOPLE control of your business. And that’s an uncomfortable place to be, my friend.

How can YOU take control of your brand?

I'm Ready!

Holly Boaz, Voice Teacher in Vashon, WA Sara’s branding workshop has helped me so much! Finding that clarity has allowed me to focus my teaching more keenly in directions that take advantage of my strengths and values.

Sara is so good at communicating information and fostering a creative and helpful group dynamic. Thank you!

That’s why I created Branding Bootcamp. 

My intention with this month-long course is to give you the tools you need to boost your online presence with marketing and social media strategies that work for your studio, so that you can attract MORE of the right clients to your biz.

It’s TIME to…

  • Revamp your online presence so that you stand out as THE studio to join. 

  • Create super clear marketing that speaks to your ideal students. (Not those ones I mentioned above!)


music business owner, music studio branding

Branding = Strategies that create the perceived image of your products. 

Active branding strategies will help you…

  • Increase your online presence and local studio recognition so that clients are willing to pay premium tuition rates for the experience of joining your studio.

  • Generate new customers who are a perfect fit… they’ll know exactly what you offer as a music professional and will trust your expertise. 

  • And best of all… you can do ALL OF THIS while building a company that feels SUPER authentic to who you are as an individual. 

Mary McMurtery, Voice Teacher in Las Vegas, NV I’m so glad I joined the class and took the plunge with you! It’s so helpful to see that I’m not the only one feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unknowledgeable about branding or various aspects of the process. You made a topic that can feel overwhelming and frustrating much more approachable, meaningful, and fun to delve into. 

Effective business branding is. what. I. do. 

And I want to help you do it too.

After making oodles of online teacher resources and working for years behind the scenes as a 1:1 music studio business coach, I decided that it was time to make a shift.

That’s why I’ve been working with business strategy, mindset, and branding experts… so that I could fine tune the skills I needed to help other teachers create successful (and soul feeding!) studios and online businesses. 

Now I’m bringing that magic back into the music education world to studio owners and online music course creators just like you. 

Because YOU deserve to run businesses that you love. 

Dana Little, Piano Teacher in Seattle, WA I loved the organization of the group, i.e., daily assignments posted online, page references and the chance/time to do + post our work and check “Done” for each completed assignment. It’s those little things of accountability and “checking things off” that helped me stay on track.

Working through the workbook, reading other group member posts and getting your feedback allllll along the way helped me stay focused and moving forward in my business + personal development in a way I would never be able to accomplish (or even set out to do!) on my own. 

The bootcamp doors will open again… 

Branding Bootcamp Q&A during the fall 2019 class for music studio and online music business owners

Catch the Next Round

WHEN: Fall 2020
WHERE: Classes and Q&A on Zoom, with a private FB group for assignments.
HOW: Live chats AND Recorded videos.
WHY: Because your studio deserves to stand out.

Join the class to learn quick tips to make immediate impacts in your studio business… plus you’ll be able to refine your branding with LIFETIME ACCESS to the materials.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how your personal values need to play a huge role in your brand. 

  • Get super clear about the clients you want to attract. (And how to speak to their needs!)

  • Define your own unique visual and verbal elements of branding.

  • Help you choose branding strategies that will work for your type of biz and your market.

  • Get specific about how and where to use those strategies in person, on FB & Instagram, and your website.

​If you’re ready to make a positive shift in your studio and take your marketing strategies to the next level, this is the perfect online class for you. 

   Sign me up!

Shirley Hubalek, Piano Teacher in Maryland Sara has helped me feel so much more confident with business decisions. I have a much better idea of what to do next in branding….i.e. logo design. Facebook page improvements. I know I am no longer out there alone in my business journey. It’s great to know that I have a coach in my corner!

What does this include? 

  • SUPPORT FROM ME… For four weeks I’ll be showing up in our private FB group, giving you assignments, answering your questions, cheering you on, and helping you DO THE THING. Annnnnd…. I’ve been known to throw in an extra bonus week at the end 😉 Just sayin’.

  • TWO 60 MINUTE ZOOM CLASSES…  where I walk you through how to use your business values and vision to develop visual and verbal branding that will make your studio stand out and give you the confidence you need to seek out and book your favorite clients. 

CLASS DATES: Fri, Feb. 28th @ 11am ET, Fri, Mar. 13th @ 11am ET, with a bonus Q&A on Fri, Mar. 27th @ 11am ET.  Live attendance is encouraged, but NOT a prerequisite. Can’t attend at that day/time? No worries. These are recorded and I’m ALL about interacting with you on the replays. (30% of the teachers in this course are replay watchers!)

  • THE BIG WORKBOOK… a 25 page PDF workbook that walks you step-by-step through my music biz branding foundations and strategies. This was developed specifically for music studio owners and online music biz creators!

  • GROUP ACCOUNTABILITY… in a private FB group where you’ll get to interact with other teachers who are passionate about making their dream studios, and where I’ll be there to respond to all of your questions and cheer you on with GIFS as you click those “DONE” buttons.

  • ASSIGNMENT POSTS THAT KEEP YOU MOVING… and will keep you on track to develop your own unique branding elements that you can apply to your website, FB page, Instagram account, and where ever else you want to get your awesomeness out into the world. 

… and who loves bonuses? (Me!)

BONUS #1… a 60 min Q&A group chat at the end of the course where you can ask your branding questions and get awesome group mojo!  ($147 value)

BONUS #2… my social media workbook that guides you through effective social media strategies on Facebook and Instagram. ($97 value) 

BONUS #3… a personalized FB business page feedback video where I walk through what’s working and where you can improve your branding elements. ($97 value) 

BONUS #4… the opportunity to have a private 20 min Zoom call with me at the end of the course so that we can make sure you’re heading out into the world, confident about your branding direction! ($49 value) 

BONUS #5… It’s a secret! I’ll announce this next week 🙂 

   Let's DO This!

How about a little sneak peek… 


More about the course:

When I first launched my first Branding Masterclass, the results that teachers received from this single group coaching session were incredible.  Honestly, I knew this was good info… but I didn’t quite realize how powerful it would be to dig into this material as a group.

BUT… I saw that it needed more. So I asked my clients to tell me exactly what else they wanted to learn about branding, business, and social media. In other words: This course material was chosen by teachers exactly like you.

The masterclass grew into a month-long Bootcamp with four weeks of strategic assignments, classes, Q&As, and downloadables designed to help you boost the success of your music studio or online music business. 

Lori Beth Fisher, Voice Teacher, TX Since I took Sara’s Branding masterclass, I started a very successful Instagram page and rebranded some things that I had been thinking about doing for a while.

It was helpful to see other perspectives and how DIFFERENT each studio and teacher can be, which is a relief because it showed me I can be my complete and authentic SELF as a business owner and teacher.

What do you need to prepare? 

All you need is an open mind, a desire to learn, and the ability to use a pencil or type on a keyboard. (Yep, it’s seriously that simple.)

But above all, you’ll need the WILLINGNESS to SHOW UP and make the magic happen. 


Seats will be limited, as I want to give you space to dig deep and get work done! If you’re ready to take control of your brand,  here’s where you can reserve your spot.

Payment plans available! Email for details. 

Julie Sherwood Duda, Piano Teacher Masterclass?! Best thing I ever did for my studio business and for myself!👍🏻

Are you ready to do this?

Then it's time to grab your seat!

Got questions? Feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to chat with you about how this masterclass can help your business. 

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