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Teaching is a HUGE passion of mine, and that passion doesn’t stop in the studio! For years I’ve been working  one-on-one with teachers all around the world to help them to establish and revamp their studios and online music businesses so that they can enjoy being successful and sought-after professionals.

You’ve found some success with your business. Now you need to take things to the next level. It’s time to reset the rules. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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Music studio business coaching makes me feel like I’m not alone in this entrepreneurial journey and can talk to an expert who is able to help me think through certain challenges and/or opportunities that will increase the success of my business. Sara is personable, a great listener, and offers sound advice based on experience and research. She’s also a great connector, providing valuable resources to people and tools that are relevant to clients’ needs. Janay’ Turner, Piano Teacher and Owner of Turn2Music  


Time to reset the rules.

Admin tasks, marketing and social media management, long teaching hours that seep into personal time… these things can be overwhelming!

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself skipping out events with friends and family because you just don’t have the time or energy. And that vacation you had planned? Forget it. The funds just aren’t there, and if you stopped working for two weeks, there’s no way you’d ever catch up.

It’s the dreaded too much and not enough dilemma. You’re working so hard, yet it feels like you don’t have much to show for it. Frustration is building because you can see where you want to be, but how on earth do you get there??

Create an Ideal Schedule

Looking for more students? We’ll discuss the how-tos for marketing and ideal clients. And you’ll learn how to attract the right people for the right reasons! Need to cut back? Scaling back your schedule doesn’t have to mean less income. And it doesn’t have to be terrifying.

Stop the Admin Overwhelm

It’s time to streamline your processes so that you don’t waste your energy on the boring stuff. Repeat after me: No. More. Crazy. Admin. Hours. You’ll learn to develop systems that will free up precious time. (So you can do those fun things you want to do.)

Develop Your Unique Studio Brand

Brand is important – it’s why people come to YOU! We’ll chat business and teaching philosophies and take a look at your web presence. No more cookie-cutter copy or uninspiring photos! We’ll find the right words and images to show the world that your studio is unique.

Build a Studio Community

Wouldn’t you LOVE a studio full of happy parents and students? We’ll establish specific ways for you to create clear communications and boundaries. And you’ll learn how to create a strong sense of community in your studio so that you can stop stressing and start teaching. 

You deserve to run a business that you love.

I want you to imagine the possibilities… You get up in the morning and check off those admin tasks like they’re just no big deal, because you’ve got the right systems in place, you’re awesomely organized, and you’re ready to take on the world.

Your students and clients are fabulously matched to what you really want to offer as a teacher. (Those marketing efforts finally paid off!) And when you leave the studio, you feel energized and inspired. You even have time left in your day to spend quality time with your family and friends.

And that vacation? You’re finally going this year. And it’s going to be epic.

Because you deserve to dream about something OTHER than business.

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I would highly recommend Sara as a business coach for your music studio business. The investment of time and money in the coaching sessions was very worth it. She helped me to see what my value as a teacher was to my students, and gave me the confidence to communicate that to the families in my studio.

The results have been a significant increase in my revenue, and a greater respect from my clients for me, not only as a music teacher, but as a business owner. I now have a studio schedule and policies that will allow me to enjoy my profession as a music teacher in a way that I never have before…and this will be my 34th year of teaching music!
Julie Duda, Owner of Julie Duda Music Studio


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What you get with me...

When you work with me, you’ll get a dedicated business and mindset coach who will give you advice, resources, and help you with the nitty gritty.

You’ll get someone who seriously cares about YOUR success. This is not a “one bit of advice fits all” experience. This is about your specific brand of awesome. That’s why I’ll ask you a bajillion questions about your business before we get started.

Coaching package clients get 1:1 support via Zoom, email, and documents. If you have a question between sessions, I will be there for you.

Book Your Discovery Session

The thing I like the most about business coaching with Sara, is that she is genuine and truly cares about helping and seeing others succeed. You can tell she is super passionate about music and educating others. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me really get a clear picture on my “why” and my vision for my studio. I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to work with you! Autumn Bourg, Voice Instructor at Autumn’s Treble Makers   


Coaching Packages

Are you ready to get moving? (Um, obviously… ’cause that’s why you’re here.) You’ve put time, effort, and money into your teaching skills. Now it’s time to invest in your business skills! Get started with 1:1 coaching support via packages and one-off sessions. Not sure what kind of support you’ll need? You can always email me or Book a Discovery Call first!  

Silver Package – 2 Months of Support

This 2 month package is great for studio biz tune-ups. We’ll identify specific areas where you need to see changes (social media, online lessons, policy changes, etc.) and then get right to work! If you’re an online course creator, this package is perfect for project feedback.

You’ll get two (2) months of support, including four (4) 60 minute sessions via Zoom, write-ups of our chats, and email support between sessions to make sure that you stay in action!

Sessions are scheduled within a 2 month period.

Get Moving Today

Gold Package – 4 Months of Support

Serious about making BIG changes in your business? If you’re ready for a studio business makeover, this is the package for you. We’ll work together to establish branding, business practices, and marketing strategies.

You’ll get 4 months of support, including (8) 60 minute sessions via Zoom, studio branding worksheets, write-ups of our chats, and email support between sessions to make sure that you stay in action!

Sessions are generally scheduled within a 3-6 month period. 

Let’s Do This

The Works – 6 Months of Support

Building a new biz? Designing an online course? Creating something BIG? These things take time. You’re ready to take things to the next level, and I’m ready to help you.

Includes ten (10) 60 minute sessions via Zoom, studio/project branding worksheets, session write-ups, email support between sessions, AND I’ll go over your project materials with a fine toothed comb.

Sessions are scheduled within a 6 month period. 

I’m Ready for Big Things


Sara’s coaching assisted me in thinking about studio policies as well as varying ways such as Skype lessons that I could offer to students. I enjoyed learning these things as it helped me feel more grounded and confident in these areas which I struggled with before. I really appreciated all of the follow up emails with assignments and what was covered in the meetings. I feel like I received a lot of personal attention and that she really tried to connect with me in a personal way, which is a big deal to me in choosing to do business with someone.
Mary Record, Private Voice Instructor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 


The Nitty Gritty Stuff:

What You Get With Me:
— A dedicated business / mindset coach who will give you advice, resources, and help you with the nitty gritty.
— Someone who seriously cares about YOUR success as a music studio owner. This is not a “one bit of advice fits all” experience. This is about your specific brand of awesome.
— Coaching package clients get 48 hour email service. If you have a question between sessions, I will be there for you. And most often, I’m there in less than 12 hours.
— Heads up, my dears! I might give you advice that you might not always want to hear. (I promise that I’ll say it in a super nice way!) Sometimes we have to work through the tough stuff to get to a new phase in our business.
— Also: I’m a business / mindset coach, but I am not a lawyer, accountant, or counselor. Full disclosure: I also cannot play the ukulele. If during our coaching you require skills of said professionals or are seeking ukulele playing advice, I will help you find the proper resources!

Customer Cancellations/Rescheduling:
— Need to change your session date/time? (Hey! Life happens!!) You can TOTALLY cancel/reschedule IF your appointment is more than 24 hours away.
— No rescheduling or refunds are available if you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment.

Refund Policy:
— No refunds are available for one-off sessions. Here’s why: I’m 100% dedicated to finding solutions for my coaching clients. Every single session is guaranteed to result in us coming up with solutions for your business and further resources that will help you. You will get your $$ worth.
— If you have purchased a coaching package and wish to discontinue after the first session, I will offer a reimbursement of the remaining coaching sessions. And we can still be friends. To cancel a coaching package, send me an email with your request within 48 hours of your first session.


Sara helped me set clear, achievable goals for myself. She has a great ability to listen to a person’s unique situation and offer guidance that is specifically tailored to their needs. But probably more importantly, she helped me to set boundaries with my students/parents, especially in the area of makeup lessons. All I had to do was implement her business suggestions, and then I could put my attention on the part of my work that I love, which is teaching. Sara’s advice has been invaluable. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to step up my game!
Susan Honey, Owner of Piano Lessons Are Fun

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