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Simply Piano Review in Clavier Companion

Soooo… I’m kind of psyched to share this news with you all.

After a loooooong time coming, this morning I saw my Simply Piano review in the Clavier Companion! Granted, it was the digital version, but it was really exciting to see the fruit of one’s labor actually “in print.”

I’m eagerly awaiting my physical copy of the magazine. 🙂

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Motivation Monday


Just loved this image I found on‘s twitter page… definitely printing this out for a little “studio bling” this week!

What Are We Doing This Week?

First and foremost, my students and I will start filling out our 2017 Goal Sheets for Music Students & Teachers this week. (It’s a free PDF download that can be used at any time of the year! make sure you check it out  🙂 )

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FREE 2017 Goal Sheets for Music Students


It’s that time again… I’ve updated my 2017 Student & Teacher Goals sheet. This year has a totally new look and a new twist!

Setting goals is important, and this exercise can sometimes be pretty eye-opening. As teachers we must not only continually assess our student’s abilities, but also their goals and ambitions. Knowing what a student wants to achieve can be a very a powerful teaching tool. It helps us personalize their lessons and reassess our own approaches in the studio.
This year’s goal sheet includes room for step-by-step goal achievement. Here’s how it works:

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Look for the Silver Lining

This is not one of my standard piano/voice teacher posts.

It’s been a really tough couple of weeks, and to be entirely honest… the tough part isn’t going to let up for a while. But that’s life. And that’s ok.

(And it’s also not ok. It just depends on the moment…)

We must learn to play the cards that we are dealt, right? Something like that. Or maybe something more like this…


Music consists of both consonance and dissonance.

If you’ve ever performed a particularly dissonant piece or song, you’ll understand what I mean when I say this:

“It’s not enough to just play the pretty notes.

Sometimes you have to embrace the icky notes too.”

Learning to embrace and make the most out of dissonance is an important part of becoming a good musician, and it’s something that I strive to teach all of my students.

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Avoiding Mid-Semester Entropy

Studio Update: We’re 9 weeks into the fall semester and I’m feeling really great about the things my students and I have achieved this year so far.

When we got started this year – I was in an organization groove.

Lately, I’ve been super inspired by other creative and business-smart teachers, and I’ve been pouring over books and lectures about teaching. I’ve become more mindful about my business and my life.

On almost a daily basis things were always printed ahead of time, games were pulled and organized, mics and devices were set up, and incentive challenges were set and ready to go.


Seriously, my life was organized for almost 2 months! (Whaaat??) It was such a great feeling to show up to work and be 200% ready for each lesson. Continue reading


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