My Music Staff

We will be using My Music Staff for ALL rescheduling and for online payments. (You are still welcome to pay via check or cash in the studio!) 

Not sure how My Music Staff works?  I made you a tutorial! Login to your account HERE

Wanna set up automatic payments? I made a tutorial for that too.

Policy & Calendar:

  • You can find the policy and calendar by logging in to My Music Staff and navigating to Online Resources. 

Online & Video Lessons:

Can’t make it to the studio? Mildly sick? Let me know by 2pm! I’m set up to use FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. (Voice students… we will use Zoom only!) Set up your device and materials 10 mins ahead. I will initiate contact within the first 5 mins of your regular lesson time.

Here are some examples of camera angles that will work for piano lessons. Make sure that your device is set up so that we can… 1) see your hands, 2) see the keys, and 3) see your face! Chairs with stacks of books, small movable cabinets, or stacks of large Tupperware containers work well! 

Voice students: Please set up so that I can see you standing from knees up so that we can incorporate bodywork into our session. 

FaceTime/Skype/Zoom lesson procedures.

1. Set up your device ahead of time. You want the teacher to be able to see your face AND hands. See the picture below for for an idea of how to angle your device. Tip: set up a chair with a high stack of books next to the piano. This will generally work!                     

2. Have your books and a pencil ready. Get out your assignment binder, books we’re working in, and have a pencil ready to go.

3. Teacher will call you within the first 5 minutes of your regular lesson time. Sometimes I’m teaching a lesson in studio before yours. That means I need time to setup my computer before calling you. Practice while you wait! 🙂

Video Lessons are also available for students who cannot do an online lesson. Let me know ahead of time and I’ll record a video assignment during your lesson time. A link to the video will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Additional Resources

Here is a list of  apps and websites that students and parents may find useful!