Saving on Paper and Ink in the Studio

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Today’s post is all about saving money on PAPER and INK in your music studio. I hope you find these ideas helpful! Happy Wednesday 🙂 ~ Sara

Saving on Paper in Your Music Studio

There are so many great music theory worksheets out there nowadays. Lately I’ve been on a Supersonics Plus kick — Daniel McFarlane’s new Platinum level includes colorful theory worksheets that correspond with his elementary level pieces.

Sometimes I’ll print out the sheets for my students to take home, but most of the time I’ll have students complete the theory during lessons right on our iPad.

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Great Teachers Focus on Students First

Great Teachers continually focus on students first..png

This is one of my favorite quotes so far from What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker. We’re reading it right now in our Upbeat Book Club on Facebook. It’s a quick read, but there’s so much to think about!

What this Quote Means to Me:

Have you ever picked out the perfect piece for a student and had a hard time “selling it” to them? Or maybe you’ve had a student who hit a “practice wall” and just couldn’t get beyond a certain point because their fingers just wouldn’t cooperate or they didn’t have the patience to work it through.

(Where on earth am I going with this ramble??)
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Familiar Games with a Musical Twist


Do you have a bunch of game pieces just sitting around at home? Maybe your kids have gotten bored with them, or if you’re like me, maybe they’re leftover from your childhood.

Teaching Tip: If you’re looking for a quick game that’s easy to setup or explain during lessons… use something that’s familiar instead of something new.

Rather than donating old games to Good Will or just letting them collect dust in a corner, try using them in your studio with a musical twist. You can also use game concepts that students already know how to play, such as “I Spy” or “tic-tac-toe” —  these require very little set-up and can be easily added to a lesson plan.

Here are a few favorite game ideas from fellow music bloggers:

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Simply Piano Review in Clavier Companion

Soooo… I’m kind of psyched to share this news with you all.

After a loooooong time coming, this morning I saw my Simply Piano review in the Clavier Companion! Granted, it was the digital version, but it was really exciting to see the fruit of one’s labor actually “in print.”

I’m eagerly awaiting my physical copy of the magazine. 🙂

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Motivation Monday


Just loved this image I found on‘s twitter page… definitely printing this out for a little “studio bling” this week!

What Are We Doing This Week?

First and foremost, my students and I will start filling out our 2017 Goal Sheets for Music Students & Teachers this week. (It’s a free PDF download that can be used at any time of the year! make sure you check it out  🙂 )

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