Mindful Planning and Communication in Your Music Studio

Mindful Planning and Communication in Your Music Studio

Tired of having to make decisions when your brain feels like it’s too full?

Yeah, me too.

In this broadcast, I share 4 vital questions I use to make plans or craft communications in my businesses.

…. When I have to make a tough call.
…. When I’m planning out a new offer.
…. When I need to figure out *exactly* how to say something.
…. When I find myself feeling uncertain.
…. When I’m tired and feeling foggy, but I *have* to make a decision.

Because right now… in these “uncertain times” (can we ditch that phrase forever, please?) I think we all could use a little more clarity in our lives.

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

Here are the four questions to ask yourself… and remember, these can change order at anytime. 💚

  1. How does this serve my clients?
  2. How does this serve my business?
  3. How does this serve me?
  4. How does this serve my family?

Hope this training was useful!

Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Stay savvy, and stay you! 💚

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