Stepping Up As Educators – Inclusivity in Music Studios

Stepping Up As Educators – Inclusivity in Music Studios

I’d like to preface this broadcast by saying that I’m not an expert at this topic. Not even close. I know enough to know that it’s not my place to insert myself as a voice in this movement.

But it IS my job to get friendly with discomfort.

It IS my job educate myself.

And it is OUR job to do our part as music educators in making inclusion a top priority in our studios. We have a responsibility as educators… and this is my feeble and very incomplete attempt at talking about how we can do those things.

I don’t have all the answers. I still have much to learn. But I’m here to learn out loud… and to do what I can.

** This is a safe space for discussion. Please keep it kind and compassionate. We are here to educate ourselves and to learn out loud together. Anything otherwise will be swiftly deleted.

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

I’m keeping this write-up brief… because I really think you should watch this show. The discussion we had was powerful, and there’s no simple way to summarize it. the ultra-light cliff notes: 

  1. Teach Compassion. 
  2. Inclusion Always. 
  3. Teaching Kindness through Practice. 

Here’s a list of resources that I’m using to educate myself so that I can serve my studio better as an educator. 

Be the Bridge


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Stay compassionate. And stay kind. 💚



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