Growing Your Studio’s Online Presence Organically

Growing Your Studio’s Online Presence Organically

I spend a lot of time going looking over FB business pages and IG accounts owned by music studio owners… and the successful ones? They all have specific things in common. 

And those things? Spending money on ads isn’t one of them.

Having a successful social media page isn’t about creating tons of content s or finding the perfect time of day to post. Yeah, some of those things matter. But the real things that matter? 

It’s about knowing that there’ s a human being on the other side of that post. 

And that you can help them. 

Over the past decade I’ve used social media to organically grow several businesses: my own studio, Upbeat Piano Teachers, and now my coaching business. I’ve been lucky to work with social media coaches who understand more than just “rocking the algorithm.” 

That’s why I created this masterclass: Energizing Your Studio’s Online Presence (without losing your mind.)

Because I see what happens when a studio owner gets frustrated or disheartened when their social media efforts go unseen. There are so many abandoned FB pages and IG accounts out there… which is sad, because they could be a powerful way to reach new parents and students who are looking for teachers.

Instead they’re just collecting internet dust.

As we prepare for the upcoming fall, it’s time to start energizing our studio’s online presence so that we can:

  1. boost social media presence w/o tons of time.
  2. let people know about new offerings.
  3. fill those fall rosters.
  4. AND increase our studios’ sense of community. 

(That last one is super important for client retention!)

In this masterclass, I share the strategies I use to help clients build successful online presences. So grab a notepad and join me. It’s less than an hour of your time, and I know that you’ll walk away feeling energized about using your studio’s social media in a positive and productive way. 

It’s only going to be available for a couple more days… the video will expire after Sunday, June 28th. 

At the end of the broadcast, I share two specific tips that will help you make sure that your FB biz page is optimized for when that new client comes along. There are two freebies with this, and you can get a hold of them by interacting with the original video — open it on FB and type the word — TEMPLATE — in the comments. 

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

Here’s a brief outline of what we covered in the masterclass… to really understand these points, you’ve gotta jump into the video. 

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Choose Your Platform
  3. Educate… Entertain… Empower
  4. Make a Plan & Stay Consistent 
  5. Increase KLT – Know, Like, Trust

If you’re want to up your social media game… 

The doors to The Social Media Savvy Studio are open again. This course was designed to help teachers of various social media experience. So whether you’ve had a FB page for five years or if you haven’t even started yet… there are gems inside of this course that will help you. 

We first opened the course in April, and now there are over 70 teachers who have joined! There are currently 22 lessons available, and I have several more planned to be added this summer. 


In this self-paced online course, I’ll detail specific ways to:

… Build effective Facebook and Instagram pages

… Use Facebook Live to boost your audience reach

… Make great looking graphics on Canva 

… Market without being salesy and awkward

… Create engaging content that gets **seen**

BONUS #1: Trainings that speak specifically to being an online teacher: Reaching New Clients Online, How to Use ManyCam with Zoom, YouTube Recital Tricks ($97 value)

BONUS #2: The first 10 enrolled in the course will get a personalized FB page audit from me. I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to optimize your FB page! ($47 value)

Right now you can get all 22 tutorials, all the templates, and the bonuses for $97… with lifetime access.

(Yep, less than one month of lessons. What?!)

Here’s where you can enroll. 

No fancy-schmancy sales page. Just a plain-Jane check-out page through my Acuity scheduling software. (Fancy comes later when my web developer finishes the new site!)

Remember what we learned in the masterclass: people are ready , willing, and excited to enroll in lessons right now… now’s the time to learn how to connect with them. 

If you have questions… hit me up. I’m here to answer them. 


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