Mary Cunningham, Piano Student

“Sara has been teaching me to play the piano for several years. As an adult learner with absolutely no background I had a difficult time learning.  Sara has a lot of patience and a lot of new learning techniques.Please if you have always wanted to play don’t wait…. Call Sara’s Music Studio.”

Alissa Crosby, Piano Parent

“Sara is a great teacher! She makes my 7 year old WANT to practice! Amazing”

Olivia Schmidt, Voice Student

“Sara is absolutely awesome. She made each one of my vocal lessons a unique and enriching experience. I can honestly say she helped me develop into the singer I am today! I am currently a Music Ed major at Westminster College, and even as a college student, I will definitely go back and participate in her summer workshops (which are fabulous as well)! I have loved every moment spent with her, and I HIGHLY recommend her as a teacher!”

Marnie Alford, Piano Parent

“Sara’s Music Studio opened the doors of the music world to my daughter. She started taking lessons with Sara at the tender age of 8 and continued her education with her until we moved away when she was 13.

Without Sara’s early guidance my child probably would have lost interest like so many other young piano students. She integrates fun games and learning exercises to keep the students attention. She also has a real knack for feeling when a student is getting bored and makes sure to switch up the music she is teaching to avoid the loss of attention.

I constantly hear from other music teachers my daughter now has (choir, orchestra, band, and new piano) that my daughter obviously has a real grasp on not only the basics of music and theory but the passion music can sometimes require. Sara can take credit for not only the basics but also the passion because she taught my daughter how much fun music can be.

I would definitely recommend Sara’s Music Studio to anyone looking for someone who not only teaches music but teaches LOVE OF MUSIC. Sara is a true teacher, the kind you can only hope that your child is lucky enough to have once in their lifetime.”

Jessica Kimbell, Orchestra Teacher at Mars High School

“Sara is a truly talented musician and teacher. She is constantly searching for new ways to introduce and supplement concepts to her students in exciting ways that make them want to practice. I could not recommend her enough!”

James Williamson, Voice Student

“I studied voice under Sara for two years, and those experiences were some of the best of my life. Because of Sara’s incredible teaching methods, I was able to improve my singing voice greatly. I am now studying theatre and opera at university, and it’s all because Sara inspired me to do so. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn voice or piano.”

Alexis Collins, Voice Student

“Sara’s Music Studio has taught me so much! Her up to date techniques and incredible knowledge has given me the skills I need to succeed and feel confident when I am singing. When I first started with Sara, I had a break in my range which incredibly improved during my time at the studio. After finding an interest in piano, Sara incorporated piano into our agenda so I could succeed in both piano and voice!”

Lisa Magee, Piano Parent

“I was really happy with the progress my daughter made when we switched to Sara. She got her to the level she should have been with her previous teacher. I would recommend Sara’s Music Studio to anyone!”

James & Kathy Ryan, Piano Parents

“Ms. Campbell is an excellent teacher. She always considers a student’s interest when selecting music. She is a gifted instructor and inspires her students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

Josie Canon, Voice Student

I took lessons from Sara for two years and learned so much! For being an older student who didn’t know that much about music to start off with she was patient and was with me every step of the process. She is especially helpful with practicing for musicals and stresses vocal care. I recommend her highly and am going to miss working with her!