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Voice Lessons

sarasmusic_0219aVoice lessons are available for ages 12 and older. Younger students who are interested in singing will receive a mixture of voice and piano lessons. I teach a wide variety of genres including musical theatre, jazz, contemporary, classical, opera, and pop/rock. (And yes… lessons are available for college students and adults!)

On music experience: It is best if students are able to read music or have experience playing another instrument, preferably piano. Students who cannot read music may require additional music theory materials.

Voice lessons focus on a variety of music styles to promote the development of proper breathing, resonance, and tone production, in addition to performance style and interpretation. Lessons occur once a week, every week

  • Required Materials: Students should have access to an acoustic piano or small keyboard for practice purposes. Voice students must bring a 3-ring binder, current music repertoire, and a bottle of water to each lesson. Recording devices, such as iDevices, smart phones, small audio recorders, or USB flash drives are strongly recommended.
  • Practice Expectations: Voice students are expected to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice should focus on both vocalises and repertoire; voice students must memorize their repertoire.