Holiday Music Ornament How-Tos

As promised, here are a few more ornament ideas! You can make these as gifts for your students, or use them as a craft for your holiday studio party.

Tip: If you decide to make them as a craft, be sure that you will have enough “helpers” on hand for younger students. Teach your older students or parent helpers how to make them first, and then have them assist during craft time.


Music Glass Globe

by Sara Campbell

Materials Needed:

  • Glass or plastic globe ornaments
  • Glitter of any color/size
  • Unused/old music (or print out your own! double sided is best)
  • Ribbon of any color
  • Metallic Sharpie marker (extra fine is best, but I used a regular one)
  • Plain or fancy ornament hangers
  • Paper shredder


  1. Feed your music through a paper shredder. Stack the shredded music into “workable piles” (you’ll figure out what works for you!) and fold them like an accordion. You may wish to cut the music in half — experiment!
  2. Fill each ornament with the desired amount of music/glitter.
  3. Glue the ornament top on to prevent spillage.
  4. Tie a simple ribbon around the top.
  5. Write your message! Mine said “Merry Christmas.” You could also include your students’ names.


Music Stamp Tag Ornament

by Sara Campbell

Materials Needed:


  1. Stamp one side of each wooden tag with the music stamp. Set aside to dry! (Note: I found a stamp that had holiday music/words on it, but it would look just as nice with a regular music stamp.)
  2. Once dry, you can decorate the other side – I wrote the year and Happy Holidays, Name.
  3. Tie the tiny ornament to the tag (optional, but it does make it pretty!)
  4. String a jingle bell onto a piece of ribbon and tie it securely through the tag, create a bow – use the excess to hang the ornament.


Pipe Cleaner Music Ornaments

by Sara Campbell

Materials Needed:


  1. Shape the pipe cleaners into music notes or treble clefs. This took a bit of experimentation, but you figure out a few, you’ll be a pro.
  2. Tie a ribbon or ornament hanger at the top.
  3. Fix a small bell on the bottom/top if desired.

Last year I featured 4 music ornaments by other teachers! You can find the links with instructions to the ornaments featured below by going to “FREEBIES” and scrolling down to “Music Ornaments.”

I hope you all find these instructions useful! Good luck with your holiday studio happenings!

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2 responses to “Holiday Music Ornament How-Tos

  1. Ann Gold

    Such nice ideas and relatively easy to achieve! I think that I will make a few for my choirs! Ann Strome Gold, B. Mus. 1972, Westminster College, Pa.

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