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$7 for St. Paddy’s Day

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day over at TracySelle.com! For one day only we brought back our launch week price. You can get Group Lessons 101 for only $62 today if you use code LAUNCH7 at checkout.

Speaking of checkout… checkout what other teachers are saying about their experience in Group Lessons 101:

0wvh7ggSStaeBEQp0Otw_betsy 2“I just watched the first webinar today. Feel like I already got my money’s worth out of it. Great stuff!!! Can’t wait to get through the rest.”

Betsy Ogden, Piano Teacher, Indiana


7yBZDOZdTL2XaoF57NED_amy.jpg“Watched Marie Lee’s interviews today. I loved it! I want to start a beginner’s-only class now. It would be a great way to start a small group so that they aren’t just on a waiting list forever.”

Amy Thompson, Piano Teacher, Tennessee

One of my favorite parts of Group Lessons 101 is the interview where Carol Ivkovich teaches us about her Hogwarts Music Camp. My students are going to absolutely love this experience! I haven’t even sent out registration forms yet, and the roster is almost full! Now I’m looking to expand and bring in another teacher… err, professor!


Group Lessons 101 comes with a 25% off code for these camp plans! Just one of our many coupons and certificates. Over $100 value with every registration.

I’m off to start my St. Paddy’s Day with a music business consultation! Today’s consultation is with someone from Washington state… that’s almost 2,500 miles away from where I live. Thank goodness for Skype! (Or FaceTime, or Google Hangouts.) I love helping other teachers grow their businesses. Perfect way to start the day…

After I have my coffee, of course!


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