Social Media Tip for Studio Teachers

Social Media Tip for Studio Teachers

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed about social media tips by Megan Desmarais from A Very Piano Blog. She collaborated with Janna Carlson from Studio Rocket Web Design to put together a cool blog post with tips from some of my favorite teachers!

I hope you enjoy this read 🙂 Here’s a little taste!

1. What’s your preferred method of staying connected with your studio?

That all depends on what I want to communicate and who needs to receive the message. If the goal is sharing a picture or video with parents or potential clients, I’ll post to my studio Facebook page.

If I’m trying to create a connection with my students, I’ll post on my studio Instagram account. (And sometimes I’ll kill two birds with one stone by posting on Instagram and sharing to Facebook. Easy peasy.)

I’m big on in-person communication. While social media and blogging are certainly useful tools, they’re not reliable enough to communicate valuable information such as recital dates, lesson expectations, and so forth. Even email can be a unreliable way to communicate nowadays!

When I need my studio to know something important, I’ll speak to my clients in person during lesson time. Then I’ll follow-up with a copy of that information via email. 

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