Train Your Education Muscles (outside of) The Music Studio

Train Your Education Muscles (outside of) The Music Studio

Who LOVES learning new things? Exploring new books…Trying out new skills… Experimenting with new ideas…

As teachers we help our students learn new things every single week, but in the hustle and bustle of being a music studio owner, we often forget to “fill our own glass,” so to speak. Or we put it there and then push it off to next week because something else took priority.

(<—- Guilty.)

Stretching and strengthening our learning muscles now only gives us the opportunity to fill our own cups… it allows us to remember what it’s like to be “NEW” at something.

And that can be a powerful thing.

Whether you love the *concept* of learning and you’ve fallen out of the habit… or if you’re feeling and a little overwhelmed with the idea of taking on something new… this week’s broadcast was made just for you. In it, I share 3 tips to help you figure out WHAT you want to learn… WHO you might want to learn it with, and HOW to carve out time to make it happen.

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

  1. Recognize Your Needs. Where are you missing some learning in your life? Where is there a gap, a need? And pssst… we’re not just talking about continuing ed here. We’re takin’ it outside the studio! Setting aside time to learn something new for yourself is crucial. 
  2. Grab a buddy. Learning is more fun (and easier to stick to) when you have an accountability buddy. If you’re studying something music related, reach out to a colleague. If you’re doing something IRL… grab a friend! Take that synchronized swimming class (watch the video) or sign up for that Paint and Sip class. 
  3. Prioritize Your Time. We are so good at prioritizing other people’s time, but sometimes we fail to give ourselves the same courtesy. Prioritize your goals by getting them on the calendar. Write them down. Put them in iCal. Stick post-its on your mirror to remind yourself. 

And yeah… the image below is music related, but don’t forget to feed yourself OUTSIDE OF THE STUDIO! (Yes, I’m shouting.) 

train your learning muscles

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Thanks for reading and listening! Stay creative, stay you. 




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