Free Major and Minor Pentascale Warm-up Charts

Last week I shared a major pentascales chart and two major pentascale worksheets. As a followup, I created a minor pentascales chart as well.

Why all these pentascale posts? One of my 2014 Studio Resolutions is to teach all of my vocalists how to play pentascale warm-ups. Many of them already have decent (if not fantastic) piano skills, but for those who might need a little bit more help, I created two pentascale charts: one in major and one in minor.

These charts were made with vocalists in mind, but they would also be useful for piano students who are learning how to play pentascales chromatically. I’m going to print them out and display them above the piano as a visual aid for the next couple of weeks.

The charts will also be added to my “Emergency Voice Student Packet,” which I will share next week!

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