Voice Saving Tips for Teaching Online Music Lessons

Voice Saving Tips for Teaching Online Music Lessons

If you’ve transitioned into teaching online lessons this week, you may have started noticing some vocal fatigue.

Hoarseness, a need to clear your throat, dry mouth, reduced volume in specific pitch areas, and tension in your neck / shoulders… all of these are symptoms of vocal fatigue. 

If you are feeling vocal fatigue… you’re not alone.

On a regular week, I spend about 9-10 hours speaking online, whether it’s 1:1 with coaching clients, to a large group, or doing shows on FB Live.

But teaching music lessons online is a different animal.

And even I’M feeling a bit of vocal fatigue after three days of teaching this week. Crisis mode + fast decisions + trying to figure out all the things had me forgetting to do basic things that I know will help my voice stay healthy. (Whoops!)

When I started seeing posts in forums about teachers experiencing vocal fatigue, I figured it was time to add a second show this week.

In this broadcast we’ll cover 4 specific ways you can protect your voice as you learn to navigate this world of online music lessons. 

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

I’ve put together a PDF with expanded tips from this video, and you can download it here. Look for more resources about saving your voice while teaching online in the near future. 

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