Keep Calm and Teach On

Keep Calm and Teach On

Well friends… it’s been a doozy of a few days, huh?

While things might feel a bit scary right now, my heart is warmed as I continue to witness all the ways that independent music teachers have been helping one another prepare our studios and students for what’s to come. 

There are so many helpers in the world right now. (Are you thinking of that Mr. Roger’s quote right now? Because I am.)

As we rush to learn how to navigate this new temporary reality, it’s easy to fall into overwhelm and decision fatigue.

And you know what? That’s okay.

When you feel yourself teetering into frustration, it’s okay to step back… take a deep breath… and know that you are doing your best.

Because you are. You’re doing the absolute best you can right now as you figure out what happens next. So give yourself grace. And understanding.

You don’t have to know all the answers.
You don’t have to make every decision today.
You don’t have to become an online lesson expert instantly.

You just have to breathe and take it one step at a time… because beneath all those answers you’re seeking, all those decisions you’re making… there are two very, VERY important facts to remember:


You’ll have time to figure out the things, make the decisions, and learn how to teach online. And if we can remember to lead with love and care rather than fear, our clients will follow suit.

My mantra: Keep calm and teach on.

The focus of this broadcast is how we can lead with grace, love, and understanding in our studios as we learn to navigate “through the new.”

We can do this.

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

  1. Lead with confidence, compassion, and courage. You have all the skills you need as a teacher, and you don’t 
  2. Check out this blog post about by avoiding decision fatigue  Michelle Markwart Deveaux from The Speakeasy Cooperative. 
  3. Check out this blog post by Shannon Coates, it has links to some great teaching online resources
  4. Build in time to create calm in your life. I’ve been using the Calm meditation app for years to help with anxiety and sleeping issues. I’m using it EXTRA now. 

stay calm and teach on

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Stay creative, and stay you! 

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