Speed vs. Momentum in Your Music Studio Business

Speed vs. Momentum in Your Music Studio Business

The situation with COVID-19 exploded two days after this broadcast… so I just want to say: I know that it’s been a really rough week. I see you and I love you. We’re all being asked to make very quick decisions regarding how we’re teaching, etc. There are fabulous resources out there in the FB forums about online teaching. Make the decisions that are best for you and your studio. Your parents will understand. Your students will understand. You’ve got this. Stay sane, friends. ~ Sara 

Speed vs. Momentum in Your Music Studio Business

Ever needed to make changes in your studio, but found yourself feeling stuck? You know… new policies, schedules, or other big “shake up” projects.

Sometimes it’s “easier” to ignore the need and decide to carry on in discomfort. — AND — when we finally DO decide to act on those tough decisions, it can be tempting to rely on speedy action to barrel through that discomfort. And heck… no one wants to be uncomfortable, right?

Yet speedy decisions don’t always work out so well. Sudden changes in a music studio can create a myriad of undesired circumstances: financial loss, schedule issues, and unhappy clients. (Yuck.)

And there’s a good reason for those results: Because sheer speed won’t ever get us where we want to go.

Speed / velocity by itself is directionless.

You need mass + velocity in order to determine the direction you want to go. That’s what gives us the *momentum* we need to mindfully create and roll out changes in our business models.

In this week’s broadcast, we’ll examine the differences between these classical mechanic concepts and how understanding them can help us to make positive changes in our music studios.

Show Notes from the Broadcast:

How can we strive to create constancy of purpose? Here are the 3 elements…

  1. Innovate with long term planning.
  2.  Put resources into research.
  3. Constantly improve service.

And remember… measure twice, cut once!!

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Stay creative, and stay you! 💚


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