Rhythm Cup Incentive Program

Rhythm Cup Incentive Program

If you jumped on the Rhythm Cup Explorations train a couple of weeks ago, your entire studio is probably having a great time practicing the exercises during their lessons. We’re only a couple of weeks away from our spring recital, and Rhythm Cup gives us a great way to tighten up difficult rhythms while having fun in the process.

Since spring is finally here, I thought it might be nice to have one more incentive program before the summer. We needed something with a little color, and something that was related to Rhythm Cup Explorations. Here’s the “Rhythm Cup Incentive Program” I whipped together last week!

Rhythm Cup Decorations

Just setting up!

There are five colors of the small cups: purple, green, yellow, blue, and pink. We’ll be using these as a communal incentive for the studio – for each exercise that a student passes, he/she can put a flower sticker inside any cup. As the studio progresses, we’ll get a beautiful display of spring flowers! (Note: I’m counting an “exercise” as a single line of rhythm.)


Rhythm Cup Incentive Program

As an individual incentive, each time a student passes an entire Unit, they can sign their name in one of the big cups, and join the “Cup Club.” I tried to match the colors up to the levels Wendy created, but since I used a pastel palette, things are a little bit different. Blue = Quarter Notes, Green = Eighth Notes, Yellow = Triplets, and Pink = Sixteenth Notes.

Rhythm Cup Decorations 2

Cup Club!

You can download these cup images for FREE PDF by clicking here: Rhythm Cup Incentive Program. (Be sure to **SAVE** the file and open with Adobe for it to print properly.) You can tailor this incentive program to your liking – use different stickers, let students have their own cups, or let them take their cups home in an assignment book. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re interested in the flower stickers I posted, you can find them here: Colorful Flower Stickers Rolls. They come with three rolls of 100 stickers – $8 for 300 big stickers. Not a bad deal! You could also find some really nice stickers at craft supply or teaching stores if you’re lucky enough to have some good ones in your area. This could also be really cute with Sparkly Music Note Stickers, although these are quite a bit more expensive to use.

What kind of spring incentive programs are you using this year? Please share in the comments below!

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