Practice+ App FREE Nov. 16th-18th

Practice+ App FREE Nov. 16th-18th

LoopJust a quick Sunday blurb… the creators of the Practice+ App are running a promotion today Sunday, Nov. 16th through Tuesday, Nov. 18th. This has been my go-to metronome app for the past two months. It’s super easy to use, and I can easily run it from my iPad or iPhone to the OontZ bluetooth speaker I keep near the piano.

“Practice+ has been updated to work on all iDevices- to include the new iPhone models and even iPads. In an effort to spread the word about Practice+ we are making the the app completely free to download over the next three days.”

Quick Run-Down of Features:

  • Tuner – Powerfully accurate tuner with instant response and large edge to edge UI for easy readability. Tuner range A0-C8.
  • Metronome – Full featured metronome that works simultaneously in every mode. Customize meters, accents, subdivisions, sounds and more. The dedicated metronome mode features a large edge to edge UI for easy readability
  • Pitch Player – Play reference tones to check your intonation. Pitch playback range A1-C8
  • Recorder – Record and share your practice sessions right from your device
  • Set List – Easily create setlists and save all settings with a single tap
  • Practice Mode – Loop difficult passages and increase tempo automatically with each repetition

As you can see, this app is very customizable.  — and you can’t go wrong since for the next three days it’s totally free. Check it out for yourself!

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