WordFUL Wednesday


Music Star, by Lisa Ruben Moore

Throughout the holiday, I’ll be sharing numerous ideas for music-themed Christmas ornaments. (Pssst… these are perfect for personalized student gifts!) These are collected from fellow teachers at Piano Teacher Central and blogs from around the world. I hope you enjoy them!

Music Star, by Lisa Ruben Moore

from Piano Teacher Central

Materials Needed:


  1. Trace the stars onto the sheet music and cut out.
  2. Sand the stars smooth and paint the backs and sides gold.
  3. After paint dries apply mod podge to the sheet music star and attach to the front of the wood star. Let it dry for a few minutes and then sand the edges of the star to remove any of the paper overlap.
  4. Cut about 4-5″ of the wire using wire cutters. Use pliers to bend one end of the wire into a loop. (My stars already had a small hole at the top so I just punched the other end of the wire through the paper.)
  5. Use pliers again to bend the back upward about 1/2″ and flatten the wire against the front and back of the star.
  6. Cut about 8″ of ribbon and tie in a bow with bells on the bottom. Fix the blues to the wire with a glue dot.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your beautiful pictures and instructions with us! Stay tuned for more ornament ideas over the coming week. Check out the links below to get email updates! Happy Almost-Thanksgiving, everyone!

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