2015 Student and Teacher Goals

The first lessons of 2015 start this week, and that means it’s time to revisit our student and teacher goals.  It’s important to have an on going open dialogue about goals, and the new year gives us a perfect opportunity to make sure that we’re both on the same “track” when it comes to our goals as student and teacher.


Last year I decided to have students write down their goals. Having goals in writing made them feel more realizable and it also helped us define our purpose for lessons. Throughout the year, we revisited our goal sheet to see if we were still on track. It was satisfying to check off goals and to see how some goals changed over the course of the year.

Here’s how it works: Each student will receive a one page form for their 2015 goals. After students fill out and return their form, I spend some time filling out my portion of the form with goals that I feel will complement or enhance my student’s goals.

(Admittedly, last year I was after some students for weeks about returning their form. This year, I’m going to send students home with a form, but also follow up with a Google form document to send to parents. If you haven’t tried Google forms out yet, they’re very helpful, and they’re free!)

Student Goal: To improve audition skills.

Teacher Goal: Hold mock-auditions during lesson time, and find REAL auditions for a student to attend on a regular basis.

Student Goal: Learn a piano piece by my favorite pop/rock star.

Teacher Goal: Use that piece to teach about typical pop/rock chordal and formal structure.


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