Fun With Boomwhackers

We’re having lots of fun with boomwhackers at our Music Blast Camp this week! Here’s a video montage of the rhythm and tune that students had to figure out as they entered camp today:

Interested in making your own set of boomwhackers? There are lots of great DIY instructions out there! The sets shown are made out of T12 polycarbonate fluorescent tube lamp guards and a set of rainbow electrical tape. (I found the local guards at my local Home Depot!)

Total cost of two full octave sets of DIY boomwhackers… about $30! Official boomwhackers cost between $25-40 per a single full octave set. I’d call that a DIY win!

CLICK HERE for the set of directions that I used! These directions were created by by Dr. Dan Bruton and Dr. Walter Trikosko of the Stephen F. Austin State University.

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