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Anyone else feel like 2016 is already whizzing by? Last week I updated the Student & Teacher Goals worksheet for the studio, but never got around to posting it. That’s life for you sometimes!

Even though I didn’t get around to our Student & Teacher Goals, it was refreshing to see all my students back in the studio last week. Piano students had new sheet music waiting for them. Voice students resumed work on college audition repertoire, roles in musicals, and district choir materials. And this teacher got through most of the invoicing and scheduling roadblocks that appeared…

During one piano lesson, a student stumbled upon her 2015 Student & Teacher Goals worksheet, and we took a look at how we had both done with our lists. Almost all of the goals were achieved, and those that were not were either still in progress or perhaps had morphed into new goals. That put a smile on both our faces.

Here’s a peek at what my studio worksheets look like this year…


It’s no secret that a student who knows that they are working towards something exciting tends to practice more. I’m sure that every teacher who reads this can recall “turn around” moments when students make a leap in motivation and progress. That’s where the 2016 Student & Teacher Goals exercise comes into play.

Setting goals is important, and this exercise can sometimes be pretty eye-opening. As teachers we must not only continually assess our student’s abilities, but also their goals and ambitions. Knowing what a student wants to achieve can be a very a powerful teaching tool. It helps us personalize their lessons and reassess our own approaches in the studio.

I’ve created a free worksheet for you to use in your own studio… feel free to be creative with how you use it. Fill out the teachers goals first, or let your students fill out their goals and then add yours next. Let parents know what you’re doing, and get them involved in the process too!


Instructions to Download:

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