Shave & A Haircut Boomwhacker Chart

Shave & A Haircut Boomwhacker Chart

Are you familiar with “Shave & A Haircut”? This motiv can be found in all kinds of movies and cartoons… from Looney Tunes, to Roger Rabbit, to Hudson Hawk, this little ditty is found everywhere in pop culture references.

My students had a lot of fun playing this simple motiv on boomwhackers during our Music Blast Camp. They learned it from a simple boomwhacker chart that I made… check it out!

What is a boomwhacker chart?

It’s just another way to read music! The colors correspond to the different boomwhackers. A typical set is pitched to the C major scale. (Although I’ve seen chromatic sets too!) My charts consist of simple colored dots and rhythmic suggestions, like this: 


 You’ll notice that the boomwhackers in the video above look WAY different than your standard purchased set. That’s because we made them. 🙂 And today’s freebie includes instructions so that you can make your own too! 

Boomwhackers are so. much. fun.

They’re great in group lessons, summer camps, even recitalsIf you’ve never used boomwhackers in your studio, YOU SHOULD! They’re a great activity to practice learning melodies and rhythms,  plus they’re really easy and cheap to make.  

And that’s why I’m giving you a FREE 6 Page Boomwhackers Mini-Pack so that you can try things out for yourself!

In this pack, you’ll find: 

  • DIY instructions to make a full set of boomwhackers with simple materials. 
  • Shave and a Haircut Chart in two different keys.
  • A three page chart of The Can-Can (great for groups!!)

This 6 Page Boomwhackers Mini-Pack comes from my  Music Blast Camp.  It’s just one of the many files that comes with the camp… there’s also an Instruction Manual that has a total of 30 pages, AND you get registration forms, editable posters and advertisement images

Download Here 

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