Full Voice Podcast Interview!

Ok, voice teachers… are you ready? I know my blog’s been a little “piano heavy” in the past, but I’ve been actively trying to change that fact!

Two weeks ago I “sat down” with Nikki Loney to record The Full Voice Podcast. (Ok, so we were separated by approx. 250 miles, which was sad… but we still had a lot of fun!)

This episode is all about Running Vocal Workshops. If you’ve been on the fence about trying a workshop in your studio, I really hope that this podcast will give you the inspiration and tools that you need to get started.

During the interview we chat about scheduling, marketing, registration and permission forms, and a host of other topics. (We also discussed some “don’t be like me” moments — I’m not holding back the icky stuff!)

HOW TO LISTEN: You can check out this episode by clicking HERE or by subscribing to The Full Voice Podcast on iTunes!

Be sure to check out the podcast shownotes for my Voice Teacher Workshop Starter-Kit and a coupon code for Group Lessons 101. Heads up — course registration will close on May 15th.

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Hope you find these resources helpful! If you have ANY questions about voice workshops, feel free to comment below or send me an email via my contact page. I’m always happy to chat about the business side of things!

As Nikki Loney says… “Happy Singing!”

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