Halloween GEAR to Spook Up Your Studio!

Halloween GEAR to Spook Up Your Studio!

Happy Monday, everyone! This is our Fall Group Lesson Week, which means I’ll spend my mornings getting games and materials ready for my students. It’s also the week that I start pulling together all my Halloween resources and decorating the studio.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Black cats, ghosts, goblins… sign me up! 

Every year I make sure to celebrate Halloween for at least one week in my studio. This way all of my students get in on the spooky fun. Leading up to the holiday, I’ll decorate the studio and talk to all of my students about this year’s costume plans.

Last year there were a lot of superheros and sugar skulls… I’m interested to see what trends will pop up this year!

This week’s blog posts are going to be ALL about making piano and voice lessons spooky and fun.

I’ll be sharing short posts each day about all the different ways that I’m going to make my piano and voice lessons spoooooooky! 


How awesome is this pumpkin carving?

The first thing on my list is to restock my Halloween stash.

My favorite place to get Halloween gear is our local Pat Catans craft store. They have a ton of stuff, and their prices are super cheap. Unfortunately, they also have a tendency to sell out of seasonal stuff very quickly… so you have to think way ahead if you’re looking for something specific!

Since I missed some of my regular stash at Pat Catans (Christmas is quickly creeping into ALL of their aisles right now!), I’m relying on Amazon Prime to get a few of my standard Halloween things.

My Halloween Stash Typically Includes:

  • Spooky stickers for completed piano/voice pieces
  • Halloween stamps for students to take home
  • Candy for the actual week of Halloween (if you have an ALDI near you — they have the best prices on candy!)

Here’s a list of reasonably priced Halloween gear to help you get stocked up…

156 Piece Mega Halloween Assortment

Halloween Transparent Glitter Stickers

Carson Dellosa Halloween Prize Pack Stickers

Glitter Mini Pumpkin Stickers

Bats, Ghosts, Pumpkins Pack of 24

**Yes, these are Amazon affiliate links, which means I’ll get a very tiny percentage back if you use them. (Doesn’t cost you a thing!) The tiny kick-back I receive helps me keep this website up and running so that I can continue bringing you lots of free resources! Thank you SO much for helping to support this site!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about some spoooooky warmups that you can use in your studio! Lots of Freebies to come.

Psssst… don’t forget to check out the 3 free resources that I posted last Saturday. It was really fun making that instructional video about the Foldable Music Staff Poster! 🙂






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