Halloween GAMES to Spook Up Your Studio!

Halloween GAMES to Spook Up Your Studio!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Today is SUCH a weird weather day in my neck of the woods. It’s good to be almost 80 degrees this afternoon, so much for your standard Western Pennsylvania fall weather!

Today’s quick post is about 2 of our FAVORITE Halloween/Fall games.

(Tomorrow will be warmups!! Sorry, I got distracted.)

There are a so many awesome resources out there, but here are a couple that I can personally say that my students absolutely LOVE. I’ll include a quick run-down of each game, our favorite ways to alter-game play, and links to the creator sites!

P.S. There’s a FREEBIE towards the bottom of this post! Make sure to download the full-page grand staff PDF. And don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post about Halloween GEAR!

Bats & Cats Note Game


Created by Susan Paradis

This is, hands down, my students’ favorite Halloween game. Even my teens ask to play this during fall lessons! The game board is beautifully designed, and the game can be played in as little as 5 minutes.

In a nut-shell, this game is a cooler version of using music note flashcards. It’s great for a quick review at the beginning or end of a piano lesson. There’s also the option to play this as a group.

Our Favorite Part: The “CARD OF DOOM!” brings lots of laughter and groans. I’m thinking about printing out a couple of extra doom cards this year just for fun 😉

Our Studio Twist: I found 2 sets of small resin Halloween “ornaments” (because apparently that’s a thing) at my local Pat Catans. They were just the right size for game pieces.

Here’s a cute set of 3 resin game pieces on Amazon, but make sure you check your local craft store too! You might be able to get some great bargains.

Check it Out: Susan has another similar Halloween game that is all about RHYTHM! This is going to be on my “to-print” list for next week.

Pumpkin Patch Match

This game is new to our studio, but it was a hit at group lessons yesterday! It was easy to print and assemble, and perfect for reviewing the lines/spaces in a group setting.

Each player is trying to fill their pumpkin patch. Students take turns drawing pumpkins from a container – if the pumpkin matches something in their patch, they keep it.

Our Favorite Part: The “Rotten Pumpkins” were a hoot. As you get closer to the end of the game, it’s more likely that you’ll draw a rotten pumpkin – we were all laughing at the end!

Our Studio Twist: Instead of using a bag for students to draw from, I used one of those plastic pumpkin buckets used for trick-or-treating. If you’ve got kids… I’m sure you’ve got at least one of those around the house!

Another suggestion for game play: Before you play, print out a grand staff for each student. Review through the lines and spaces and have students write them down. Play 1 round with their “cheat sheets” and another round without!


Download the PDF

What are some of YOUR favorite Halloween/Fall music games?

Share your favorite games in the comments below! I’d love to feature them in a future Halloween post. 🙂

Tomorrow’s post is all about spooooooky warmups! (for real this time.)

Psssst… don’t forget to check out the 3 free resources that I posted last Saturday. It was really fun making that instructional video about the Foldable Music Staff Poster!????






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