Halloween VOCAL Warm-ups to Spook Up Your Studio!

Halloween VOCAL Warm-ups to Spook Up Your Studio!

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! As promised, today is ALL about spoooooooooky warm-ups that you can use with your students for the Halloween season.

We’ll start with voice warm-ups. These were a hit yesterday during group lessons, and they can easily be used in a private lessons too.

(Tomorrow will be piano warm-ups… 😉 )

Spooky Tongue Twisters for Voice Students

Ohhhhhh, Nikki… this one’s for YOU! I was so inspired by your FB live video about using tongue twisters with your younger students. (She has a jar full of them and students pick them out as they walk in for lessons.)

Yesterday we did spooooooky tongue twisters during group lessons. You can use any tongue twister you’d like – intone on a single pitch or use a minor pentascale/triad. Add “haunting laughter” on the minor triad at the end for fun.

Here’s a FREE printable to make your lesson planning easier! Just click to download.

Looking for other minor warm-ups for voice students?

Look no further! Nikki Loney created a wonderful FREE worksheet that’s available at The Full Voice. Click the image below and download the PDF from their Free Resources page.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 8.13.53 PM.pngMake it DYNAMIC: Encourage your students to find the natural rise/fall of dynamics in each warmup. This ups the spoooooky factor for sure.

I especially enjoy the super chromatic passages in exercises #3 and #7. They provide a great challenge for students who need to work on tightening up their half-steps. (You can make it even harder by requiring them to sing the solfege syllables!)

What are some of YOUR favorite minor vocal warm-ups?

I hope you enjoyed today’s spoooooky post! (Sorry, had to get one more in.) Don’t forget to visit my posts about Halloween games and gear.




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