My Favorite Game is Back on Amazon!

My Favorite Game is Back on Amazon!

This probably isn’t news to teachers who see me in the forums or on FB live videos… but in case you haven’t heard: I’m kind of addicted to a game called NoteSpeed. My students and I use it all the time in the studio. We even use it during group lessons! 

Great News: I just found out from the creator that NoteSpeed is finally back on Amazon! Hooray! 😀 And yes, it’s on Amazon Prime, which means you can get your hands on it in 2 business days. 


If you’ve never heard of this game before, check out my recent Gadgets, Tech,  & Games video below. Skip in about 7 minutes for my section about NoteSpeed. And YES!  This video was from my home — not my studio. We had some crazy snow that day, and I ended up teaching FaceTime lessons from home. The roads were too dangerous to get to the studio!

If you’re interested in getting the info mentioned in this broadcast CLICK HERE — this will open a page in Facebook Messenger where you can get the goods from the #UpbeatBot! 🙂 

And don’t forget to check out NoteSpeed! If you already use this fantastic game, be sure to leave a nice review on Amazon! (Because seriously… it’s ah-mazing.) 


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  • by Robin Steinweg Posted February 1, 2018 2:03 pm

    Thanks for the info! And yes, my tree is STILL up. Too busy before Christmas to enjoy it, so I keep it up for dark, cold January! 😀

    • by Sara Campbell Posted February 1, 2018 2:35 pm

      And now you can enjoy it in February too! No judgement here, lol! I kept mine up through Easter once 😉 I even decorated it with red hearts on Valentine’s Day!

  • by Jacqueline Posted February 1, 2018 8:04 pm

    Hi Sara – great video! I was wondering which “over the head” camera you were using? I think something like this would be super useful for virtual lessons (which I do a lot of). Thanks for any help you can give 🙂

    • by Sara Campbell Posted February 1, 2018 9:41 pm

      Hi Jacqueline! Thanks – I love doing these videos! 🙂 The webcam I’m using is the Logitech C920. It’s fabulous for remote teaching. Being able to show students your hands is important! You’ll need software or an interface that will allow you to switch between cameras, which can be different depending on what kind of system you’re using.

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