How to Stop Hoarding Online Resources in Your Music Studio Business

How to Stop Hoarding Online Resources in Your Music Studio Business

Moment of truth here, my friends! I want you to take a look at your email… your desktop… your external hard drive that’s collecting dust 💨 on the bookshelf. And I want you to answer a question:

How many unused online resources did you purchase this year?

In the past six months? Last week? 

BONUS points if you answer here in the comments! But I won’t hold it against you if you want to keep your cards close. (If the answer gives you the feels, you can always email me. Having feels is okay.)

We live in a fabulous world that’s full of online resources created for (and by!) music studio owners. Pretty nifty, right? Webinars, online conferences, masterclasses, subscription services… you name it, it’s out there!

My computer is absolutely FULL of downloads… pdfs, videos, power point presentations, word documents. I’ve created so many folders of resources over the past twelve years that it’s become quite a job to sort through them all. Thank goodness for search functions. 

Sadly, a good number of those resources have slipped through the cracks over the years. I purchased them with good intentions, but I never got around to actually using them. 

Resources are nice. 

But what good are they doing you if you never IMPLEMENT the gosh darn things?

Online resource hoarding is real.

In this broadcast I’m sharing 3 Activation Strategies that I’ve put in place to prevent those unused resources from piling up! (You CAN do the things! I swear.) 

Today’s Show Notes:

  1. Come back to WHY you signed up for that resource in the first place. This is so important! Remind yourself about the benefits you were seeking and how these will help you be a better business owner and teacher.
  2. Make a deadline and stick to it! Use a calendar, a reminder, a countdown app… whatever will motivate you best. Sometimes just seeing that task written down in different places can be a powerful reminder. 
  3. Find an accountability partner. If you need someone to check in on you, find a buddy.  You’re probably in some pretty fantastic online forums, so put it out there! Let people know what you’re working on and that you’re looking for someone to chat with about what you’re learning. ​

BONUS TIP: Activation is key. Keep that in mind every time you sign up for something new. Buying a new resource gives us a quick dopamine hit, but actually implementing the thing will give you a much better feeling. 

What resources will YOU start implementing today? 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Would love to hear from you about which one resonated the most. If you’d like to catch the next broadcast live, or if you’d like to get notifications about new broadcasts via Facebook Messenger, hit up the #CoachSaraBot and she’ll add you to my notification list. 

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Stay creative!
Stay you!



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