Let’s Chat Branding, Baby [Vlog]

Let’s Chat Branding, Baby [Vlog]

What is “branding”? And why is it important for your studio?

I’m breaking down the whats and whys in this video… and some of them may surprise you!

Truth Bomb:

Even if you’ve never given ANY thought to branding…

Your biz has a brand.

Product = What you are selling. 
 Brand = The perceived image of your products.

If we don’t take the time to nurture and develop that perception of our products… we might find ourselves in a position where our business falls flat.

Because perception will create itself… so we can either let that happen and leave your brand to chance, or we can take hold of the reigns and start using branding strategies that truly work for our business. 


Interested in more?

I’ve got an opportunity for you this week! 

Biz Branding Masterclass

WHEN: Fri. June 21st @ 11am – 12pm, EST
WHERE: On Zoom! Replay will be available.
COST: Less than a month’s worth of piano lessons (For real!)

This masterclass includes a 60 min class, a bonus 30 min Q&A one week later, AND you’ll get branding worksheets that I’ve created specifically with music studio owners and online music course creators in mind.

(YES… there is a replay, AND I will be there to offer support after the class is finished!!)

My intention with this masterclass is to give you the tools you need to clarify your brand, create a branding strategy that works for YOU, and help attract the right clients to your biz.

In this masterclass, we will:
— Learn how your personal values play a huge role in your brand.
— Get super clear about the clients you want to attract.
— Explore visual and verbal elements of branding. 
— Help you choose branding strategies that will work for YOUR biz. 
— Get specific about how and where to use those strategies on FB and your website.

And yes, seats will be limited, as I want to give you space to dig deep and get work done! If you’re ready to take control of your brand,  here’s where you can enroll.

Got questions? Feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to chat with you about how this masterclass can help your business. 

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