Breaking Through Content Creation Barriers [Vlog]

Breaking Through Content Creation Barriers [Vlog]

Creating something and putting it out in the world can be tough stuff, my friend. 

Business policies, online courses, website content… it takes a lot of time and brainpower to create stuff from scratch. 

AND did I mention the scary factor? (Well, yeah. Now I did.) 

Sometimes it’s SCARY. 

Content creation can be downright scaryAnd as we go through the process of sitting down to create something, we can find a bajillion reasons and excuses to avoid doing the scary things.

We’re SO GOOD at putting up barriers to prevent ourselves from doing the hard things. 

(I’m a pro at putting up barriers, friends. A pro!)

But thankfully I’ve worked in content creation long enough that I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. And now when I find myself stuck, I know how to get unstuck.

In this week’s vlog I share 3 tips to help you BREAK THROUGH those content creation barriers … and I promise you friend… these tips will have you saying, “HECK YEAH!” to doing the brave things!

Barrier Breaking Tips: 

  1. Find Space and Time. Where are you working? At a desk? In a comfy chair? Pick a place that feels good and set aside daily time to work on content. And be RUTHLESS about not letting distractions into your precious creation time. Turn off your phone. Turn off your internet. And. Just. Create.
  2. Stop The Perfection Monster. You are not going to create your final draft the first time you set your pen to paper. (Or mouse to document. Or quill to parchment.) Messy drafts are a great way to get moving! Don’t worry about spelling or grammar… And. Just. Write. 
  3. Get Help. Sometimes we’re too close to see what works and what doesn’t! Find a friend or colleague who can give you feedback. And reach out to those who have gone before you! There are so many content creators out there who are sharing their tips  via blogs, vlogs, and courses

Speaking of courses… 

Did you hear that Tim Topham just released his  Music Teacher Startup course? This has been in the works for the past six months, and I’m SO excited that Tim invited me to check it out.

This is a course like none other.

It’s designed specifically by and for music teachers.  Tim has thought of *everything* you need to get your online course up and running.

For real. It’s awesome.

He’s covered finding your ideal clients, how to serve them, branding basics, lean startups, website conversions, offer stacking, content marketing, funnels, sales copy, and what you need to make a successful launch. All. The. Things. 

Thank you for sharing that awesomeness with us, Tim!

Join me live every Wednesday at 12pm EDT on my coaching page. If you enjoyed this vlog, feel free to share!

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