Teaching Blurb: Ownership as an Incentive

Teaching Blurb: Ownership as an Incentive

Friday Food for Thought: If you find yourself repeating a “corrective phrase” over and over during a lesson… make sure that you’re also repeating a “praise phrase!”

And if you want to bring a visual element to it, put both phrases on a sign to track how many times you say them. By the end of the lesson, my students were tracking the phrases for me.

“Ms. Sara, you said “Please sit up” and you forgot to mark it down.”

piano posture correction

This is a neat way to invite students to become more mindful of the role they play in the learning process. (And it’s a way for them to keep YOU accountable as teacher!)

Was there a prize at the end of this experiment?

Sure… but it wasn’t candy, small toys, or stickers.

The prize was ownership. 

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