You’ll Never Make a Living Doing That [Vlog]

You’ll Never Make a Living Doing That [Vlog]

“You’ll never be able to make a living as a _________.”

In today’s vlog, I’m sharing part of my journey… and how a colleague of mine told me that I would “never make ends meet” pursuing my career.

It was a watershed moment. And I could have walked away right then…

But instead of giving up when I was told that I’d “never make it…”

I saw it as a challenge, and I decided that it was time to step further into the arena — that I COULD and WOULD figure out HOW to make a living as a solopreneur.

And you know what?

I did it.

11 years later… I’m STILL doing it.

And I’ve enjoyed proving that naysay statement wrong every single year since. 


Do you have a naysay moment that you’d like to share? Jump into the comments and let me know!

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