Avoiding Mid-Semester Entropy

Studio Update: We’re 9 weeks into the fall semester and I’m feeling really great about the things my students and I have achieved this year so far.

When we got started this year – I was in an organization groove.

Lately, I’ve been super inspired by other creative and business-smart teachers, and I’ve been pouring over books and lectures about teaching. I’ve become more mindful about my business and my life.

On almost a daily basis things were always printed ahead of time, games were pulled and organized, mics and devices were set up, and incentive challenges were set and ready to go.


Seriously, my life was organized for almost 2 months! (Whaaat??) It was such a great feeling to show up to work and be 200% ready for each lesson.

Ok, so that might be an exaggeration, because we all know private music lesson plans can change in an instant. The Boy Scout motto of “always be prepared” can be a real challenge in our industry.

And when you have a Squirrel Brain like me, you’re also at the mercy of “inspiration.” Or distraction. Whatever you want to call it. Point A goes to B, which skips to P and then to Q…

Squirrel, I tell you.

The point is, at the beginning of the school year I felt really prepared when I walked into my studio. I’ve always been pretty organized with lesson plans and incentives, but this year I feel like I’ve really hit my stride.

Of course… as we all know:

Entropy is almost inevitable. 


Today I realized it’s almost Halloween. Which means it will almost be Thanksgiving… and then… GASP… CHRISTMAS?

Wait…  already??

Life is starting to get a bit hectic! The holidays are starting to creep up along with a slew of family birthdays and events, and several other projects (and 5 days of sickness) have been attempting to pull my attention from  staying ahead in my lesson plans.

That’s ok. Life happens.

We all get off track a little. No big deal. Thankfully the most important stuff (billing, scheduling, etc) are pretty much automated at this point. I cannot tell you what a relief that’s been this year.

So today I’m embarking on a 3 Day Challenge with the Upbeat Piano Teachers. I’m ready to get refocused and reorganized so that November and December are just as awesome as the past two months have been.

I’m ready to make the last 10 weeks of 2016 spectacular.

When I get to my studio (and printer) this afternoon, I’m setting 3 goals. 

I’ve already got a pretty clear idea about what they’re going to be. One will be a quick goal that I’ll achieve in a few days, and the other two will get me through the remainder of the year.

Today I’m ready to get organized again. What about you?

Edit: Annnnnnd my goals are set. Here they are!  Check back tomorrow for my next step with the 3 Day Challenge.

(As you can see, I’m not so thrilled about goal #3. This is going to be the hardest goal. Uggggghhhhhh!!)


Curious about what I’m doing here? Check it out at Upbeat Piano Teachers.

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