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It’s that time again… I’ve updated my 2017 Student & Teacher Goals sheet. This year has a totally new look and a new twist!

Setting goals is important, and this exercise can sometimes be pretty eye-opening. As teachers we must not only continually assess our student’s abilities, but also their goals and ambitions. Knowing what a student wants to achieve can be a very a powerful teaching tool. It helps us personalize their lessons and reassess our own approaches in the studio.
This year’s goal sheet includes room for step-by-step goal achievement. Here’s how it works:

  1. Students establish 3 goals that they want to achieve this year. I like to guide my students through this process… listing things that they might consider, such as “learning to play 5 new scales fluently” or “playing this popular song I love” or “singing in my first recital.”
  2. When the students return with their goal sheets the following week, I walk them through the process of setting “achievable steps” that will help them towards that goal. These steps can include activities that will directly lead towards goal achievement, or they can focus on things that might enhance a student’s skills so that they’re ready to take the next step. (For example: If a student chooses a very lofty goal that will take a long time to achieve, sometimes I break things down and tell them to show me that they can do X and Y first… then we’ll work on Z.)
  3. Keep the goal sheet in an easy to access place in their assignment book/binder. I also like to keep a copy of the goal sheet in my own binder. (Or take a picture on your iPad!)

Don’t forget… Let parents know what you’re doing, and get them involved in the process too! They can and should play an important role in helping their child achieve musical success.

Click on the image below to download this FREE pdf to use in your own studio!


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