Free Celtic Improv for Piano

Free Celtic Improv for Piano

Do you remember the music that first inspired you to learn music by ear? Twenty years ago, back when I was still a young teen, I was obsessed with Celtic music. 

I spent hours at the piano figuring out the melodies to the pieces from one of my favorite albums, Celtic Destiny by Bruce Mitchell. The process of trial and error was time-consuming, but when I was able to play my favorite tunes… the effort was well spent. 

Nowadays I’ve started passing on my love of Celtic music to my students. And because I’m still excited about this music, it’s no surprise that Celtic inspired improvs are a big hit in my studio. (Excitement is contagious, after all.) 

I recently put together a Celtic improv worksheet for my students, and now I’m offering it to you!

Free Celtic Improvisation Exercise 

This free download includes 3 pages with detailed instructions that will guide you through a simple Celtic improvisation. Here’s a run down of the improv details: 

  • 6/8 time 
  • Simple Celtic-inspired chord progression
  • 6 different patterns for the LH
  • Suggestions for RH melodies 
  • Specific rhythmic ideas

There’s plenty of room for customization in this exercise, and I’ve even included some staff paper where you can write down your own ideas. 

Teachers, be sure to check out my FB Live video about this resource! In the video, I guide you through how I break things down for Beginner, Elementary, and Intermediate students.

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Live Masterclass 

Interested in knowing more about how I use this exercise?  Here’s a little live masterclass I did on Upbeat Piano Teachers. In it I explain how to break down this worksheet for 3 different levels: Beginner, Elementary, and Intermediate. 


Oh… and by the way: 

That Bruce Mitchell album I mentioned at the beginning of this post? I still have it. And it’s still one of my favorites. Here’s a piece from that collection that happens to be in 6/8. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here for your own improvisation! 


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