Reverse Windmill Scale Exercises

Reverse Windmill Scale Exercises

Student: “What would happen if we did this backwards?”

Me: “Well, let’s see if we can figure that out…”

Last week I posted about The Windmill Scale Exercise. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d suggest reading that post before you continue, because this week’s post is about The Reverse Windmill. 

That’s right. It’s time for the left hand to shine. In this version of the windmill pattern, we give LH a four octave workout, and let RH spin around up at the top of the piano.

Let’s check it out… 

This exercise was born out of sheer curiosity. A student of mine simply wanted to know what it would be like if we reversed the process. Who was I to say no to such a great question? 


There’s nothing that makes me happier than a curious student.  A curious student is an engaged student. An engaged student is in the “learning zone.” (Thank you, Nick Ambrosino!) When we’re in the learning zone, that’s when the magic happens! 

Is there an easier version? 

Of course! Actually the prep exercise was how The Reverse Windmill got started in my studio. (The curious student was 10.) 

The Reverse Windmill Prep  is great for students who know how to play single octave scales in parallel and contrary motion. It’s less mentally taxing than a two octave parallel scale!  

The Printable

Normally I teach these exercises by rote, but it’s also useful to have a printable that students can take home. (That way they don’t forget where fingers go “over” or “under.”) Learn more about my teaching process by reading the post about The Regular Windmill

The PDF includes the following:

  • The Reverse Windmill (Full 4 Octaves) in regular rhythm and rhythmic variation.
  • The Reverse Windmill Prep (2 Octaves) in regular rhythm and rhythmic variation. 

Download the Free PDF: 

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