Finding Your Music Business Awesometicity

Finding Your Music Business Awesometicity

What makes your studio shine? What makes you LIGHT UP as a teacher? What makes your students LOVE working with you?

Those things that make you shine and light up… that’s what I like to call “awesometicity.”

It’s a magical combination of YOU being your authentic self and celebrating what makes you, your business, and your CLIENTS awesome!

(Yeah. I know. The word is kinda silly sounding, but bear with me…)

Knowing what makes our business unique is important.

It helps us connect with the people we love to work with and the people we KNOW we can help! There are students out there who want to learn exactly what you love to teach, but if you can’t REACH them with your client network, social media, or website… they won’t know about you. 

Reaching the clients you want to work with is crucial. This isn’t a “piano lessons for all ages and levels” kind of messaging, it’s a specified targeting that allows us to speak directly to a client’s desires and wishes.

And it starts by understanding what makes you unique as a music educator: it starts with getting familiar with your awesometicity.

But how do you DEFINE your own awesometicity? How do you find the right words to explain all the amazing things that you it to others?

That’s the tricky part! 

In this broadcast I’ll unpack what this strange, fun, and silly word means… and I’ll explain 3 specific ways to find, embrace, and develop your awesometicity as a business owner. Look below the video for a brief recap!

Three Tips to Embrace Your Awesometicity

  1. Give Yourself Permission to be Awesome. It’s important that we learn to toot our own horn every once in a while, because if we don’t CELEBRATE our strengths as educators and human beings we miss out on connecting with the people who need us most. 
  2. Get Feedback. (And get it often!) If you struggle figuring out what helps you stand out as a music educator… then you need to ask for feedback. Ask your clients (students AND parents) why they came to you! Getting feedback is a great way to learn what our clients find valuable about their experience in our studios or courses. 
  3. Get an Outside Perspective. Do you know what your studio looks like from the outside? I’m talking both physical and web presence here! It’s a good practice to get a clear outside perspective on how our business looks when someone arrives at our front door or lands on our social media or website. 

When I started honing in on what made me unique as a teacher and coach, a huge shift occurred in both of my businesses. The biggest changes were in recognizing the gaps in my website copy and intake processes. (And OH the changes that ensued!)

It took some time and work to embrace my own awesometicity, but I didn’t have to do it alone! I’m SO grateful to the coaches who encouraged me along the way, and likewise to my clients who helped with feedback and troubleshooting. 

And I recognize that this journey is not finished yet, because after all… in this ever shifting world of online resources and busy clients schedules, are we ever truly “done” figuring out what works best?

I don’t think so.


Thanks for watching and reading. Catch more business, mindset, and awesometicity tips here on the coaching page every Wednesday at 12pm ET.

Until next time! Stay savvy! And stay YOU!

Do you need help finding, defining, or honing in on your awesometicity?

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