How to Release Self-Limitations in Your Music Studio

How to Release Self-Limitations in Your Music Studio

“Yeah, but it wouldn’t work because…”

“Yeah, but I don’t think…”

“Yeah, but you shouldn’t…”

Sound familiar?  Maybe a student uttered these phrases during a lesson. Maybe you’ve said these words to yourself. (Or maybe someone said them to you.) Self-limiting behavior can pop up all over the place.

Recently I did  a video and post about visioning, and how the “yeah, but’s” and “that can’t happen’s” tend to creep up on us when we’re trying to achieve big goals. These thoughts are fabulous at helping us to create self-limiting beliefs, which often show up as forms of procrastination… 

  • Anxiety – It’s won’t be good enough. I can’t possibly be seen as an authority figure in this field.  (Hey there imposter syndrome!)
  • Avoidance – It’s easier and safer to stay in inaction than it is to move.  It’s not perfect, so it’s not ready.

I could go on, but this post isn’t about the types of procrastination. (There are lots of blog posts about that. Just ask Google sometime if you’re feeling stuck.) 

This is about releasing your limitations. 

Recognizing and releasing our self-limitations is tough. And wouldn’t ya know… I did a video about it. ‘Cause I like to talk about the tough stuff here. 



Show Notes from the Broadcast: 

  1. Let go of the limitations others place on you. Sometimes these are spoken out of love. It’s important to listen to those messages! But those statements can also be said out of misunderstanding. Examine these limitations carefully: are they coming from a place of concern? Or are they coming from a place of fear? 
  2. Let go of the limitations YOU create. “I don’t have enough time.” “This is too hard.” “It’s not perfect yet.” These phrases sound familiar independent music  teachers (normally because our STUDENTS are saying them), but they’re also common excuses when we let procrastination or upper-limiting. 
  3. Flip “Yeah, but” to “Yes, and…” and see what happens. One of my favorite tools to help combat self-limitations!  I learned it from Michelle Markwart Deveaux during one of our masterminds.  This simple rule of improvisation can truly change the way you think. <3 

If you found this video, I’d love to know! Send me an email or drop your takeaways in the comments here on the blog. 

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