Free Major Pentascale Worksheets

Free Major Pentascale Worksheets

Here are a couple of old worksheets that I revamped for the blog. Again, these can be used for both piano students and voice students, as it is important for both to learn pentascales. (Yes, I am that teacher that will make her voice students learn how to play their own warm-ups!)  These are great to use in lessons once a student has a basic grasp of the formula to create major pentascales:

Whole Step – Whole Step – Half Step – Whole Step


What Will Henrietta Wear?

(Henrietta, by the way, is a little cow that lives on top of our piano in the studio. I’m sure she’ll make an appearance in the blog soon! I tried to take her picture today, but she was too shy.)

The black key pentascales worksheet includes a few questions about enharmonic keys. Each worksheet includes the formula for creating penstacales in case a student forgets. Here are the Google Drive links for the PDFs:

Major White Key Pentascales

Major Black Key Pentascales

Feel free to copy and distribute these worksheets to your students – just please be sure to keep the information in the footer of the page, as I made all the images by hand. I hope you find these useful!


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