Valentine’s Day Music Cookie Memory Game

This game was inspired by the Valentine’s Day cookie recipe passed down from my Grandma Maxine. My mother made these cookies every Valentine’s Day – rich butter cookies with red, pink, or white icing. (The stuff that dreams are made of!)

Valentine's Day Music Cookie Memory

There are three different levels for this memory game. The Beginner Level matches piano keys (and a teacher!), the Early Elementary matches corresponding notes and symbols, and the Late Elementary matches notes/symbols and their names.

I’ve included printing directions for each level, and two variants for game instructions. This can be played as a group, a duo (teacher/student), and also a solo game.

This would be best printed on white cardstock. There are 7 pages to the PDF, including an image which you can print on the back of the cards to prevent the symbols from peeking through.

As requested, I’ve also created a black and white version for those who might want to save on ink – I would suggest using pink or red cardstock to keep it colorful!

If you plan on laminating the cards, I suggest cutting the cards out first, and then laminating and cutting them out again. Leave about a 1/4 inch laminated border around the cards to prevent any peeling. This extra step takes a bit more time, but it will help your games last for years.

To download the FREE PDF files, follow the Google Drive links below:

Valentine’s Day Music Cookie Memory – Color

Valentine’s Day Music Cookie Memory – Black and White

Be creative when using these cards! They could easily be used “flashcard style” and could also be adapted to many other games as well. Does your studio have any favorite Valentine’s Day themed music games? Please share them in the comments!


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