Musical Season Survival Guide

Musical Season Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again: Spring Musical Season! This year almost every single one of my voice students is involved in a high school musical production. They have busy rehearsal schedules, lots of songs, dances, and lines to memorize, and that’s on top of their regular activities and homework!

This is the perfect time for voice teachers to talk to their students about the dreaded…


Here’s a little “Survival Guide” handout to give to the musical students in your studio. There are so many other resources and ideas that can be added to the list! Let this serve as a conversation starter. Help your budding stars avoid musical burnout by treating their voices, minds, and bodies with extra care.


Click here to download the PDF version: Musical Season Survival Guide

Voice Teachers and Singers:

What are some of your favorite vocal remedies or tips for staying healthy during musical season? Please share in the comments below. Let’s help keep our vocalists in tip-top shape for their big show!


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