Rhythm Cup Garden Update

Rhythm Cup Garden Update

I’ve had so many requests to post updated pictures of our Rhythm Garden. Here they are! The garden is really starting to spring up nicely! We’ve been doing this incentive program for almost two weeks now. The “Cup Clubs” are starting to fill up nicely too!

Each time a student finishes an entire unit of Rhythm Cup Explorations, they get to add their signature to the corresponding “Cup Club.” I’m planning to give out some incentives at the end of the program, so be on the look out for posts about those in the near future.

Without further ado…

on to the Rhythm Garden!

(Some of these pictures are a little bit fuzzy because I forgot to take my Canon down to the studio! Thank goodness for cell phone cameras.)

We’ve gone from this…

Rhythm Cup Decorations

Rhythm Garden on 4/19

To this…


Rhythm Garden on 4/25

…and now this!

2014-04-30 18.37.50

Rhythm Garden on 4/30

How about a closer look?

IMG_1582b 2014-04-30 18.38.15

Some of these cups have really exploded!!

Are you growing a Rhythm Garden in your studio? We’d love to start a Rhythm Garden gallery! Share your pictures by emailing them to info@sarasmusicstudio.com.

Haven’t started a Rhythm Garden yet? Download the free PDF of Rhythm Garden Cups HERE. We’re using some beautiful flower stickers that I found on Amazon, but you can use anything you like! Print out pictures of flowers from the internet, or use stickers that you already have. (Note: The door that we’re sticking them too makes it *very* easy to remove them! If you’re putting these on a wall, you might want to put some protective sheets of paper behind the cups!)

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