100th Blog Post – Scale Gem Giveaway

Since January 14th, 2014, Adventures of a Piano and Voice Teacher has officially published 100 blog posts.


That’s 100 posts in 244 days.

(or 169 “working” days)

Not too shabby! I hope to continue offering lots of resources, reviews, and information in the future. I’ve got a notebook full of ideas (yes, I’m old school that way) and I’m always looking for new inspiration from fellow bloggers and music teachers.

In celebration of the 100th blog post, I thought we’d do a little giveaway! You might have seen the St. Patrick’s Day Piano Gems, or the little wooden letters that I use on the DIY Foam Keyboard.

Piano Gems are a great way to reinforce all kinds of concepts on the piano – plus you can easily use them for game pieces! These gems were inspired by ColorinMyPiano back in 2010, with her “Musical AlphaGems”. Check out Joy’s blog post for a free downloadable PDF with instructions to make these gems. 

Last week, I used these gems to help one of my intermediate student learn a new scale. I handed her the gems, and she placed them on the middle of the piano in the correct whole-step and half-step formula. She then played the scale on either side of the piano with both left and right hand, and used the piano gems as a reference point.

Afterwards, she remarked about how “easy it was to see what the scale looks like on the keys.”


One lucky reader will receive a set of 14 Piano Gems – enough to make a full octave scale on any note. Entries will be accepted up through 9am EST on Friday, Sept. 19th!  

To Enter the Giveaway: Comment below with an idea about how YOU would use Piano Gems during lessons! OR share your favorite activity that involves adding items onto the piano keys. The winner will be announced on the blog on Friday morning! Good luck 🙂 All comments are screened, so please allow time for your comment to appear!

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