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Karen Hunter’s studio is all set for the week!

There’s a lot of buzz going around in piano teacher forums about Valentine’s Day activities. On Friday, I decorated the studio and tomorrow morning I’ll pull out all the activities that we’ll be using throughout the week. I’ve got a pile of fun Valentine’s Day “treats” to give out this year. (Can’t share them yet, or it won’t be a surprise for my students!)

icon175x175I love Karen’s idea to use the “Decide Now” app as a way to let students have some fun in picking their activities. The app is really simple — it’s a spinner that helps you make decisions! The paid version ($0.99) lets you customize the choices so you can enter in the names of the activities you have planned for that day.

Thanks for the tip, Karen! This will be a new standard app in my studio.

Decide Now!

Try it on iPad or try it on your iPhone

If you’re still looking for some ideas… here are some handy-dandy links to the Valentine’s Day resources that I have available on the blog. Click the images below and check them out!


Valentine's Day Music Cookie Memory

CircleofFifthsValentinesDaySMS2014 Looking for more ideas, or perhaps some sheet music? Check out the Valentine’s Day resources by Susan Paradis, Joy Morin, and Wendy Stevens!


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