Spring Themed Piano Assignment Sheets

Spring Themed Piano Assignment Sheets

Here are some spring themed beginner piano assignment sheets.
There are 13 different designs, including ones that you can use for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Each sheet includes a “sticky note” section for an overall goal or reminder, room for assignments, keys and a staff, and a way for students to keep track of their practice.

Heres what the layout looks like!

The piano keys and staff are useful for all kinds of things:

  • Labeling notes or chords
  • Hand position reminders
  • Practice drawing clefs or new notes

Sometimes I create little assignments for the staff or keys, such as “Draw 4 quarter notes on the G line” or “Label 3 C major chords.” Other times, I will let my students use them however they wish! Students color in a picture for every day that they practiced 🙂 

Happy Spring Caterpillars

Typically I print several copies of each design, and then let my students pick which design they want to use. Any leftovers can always be stashed away for next year. Remember, you don’t always have to print the entire file — just select the pages that you need!

Instructions to Download:

  • To download the FREE Spring Themed Assignment Sheets, just click HERE
  • You MUST save the PDF to your computer to ensure that all the images will print out correctly — otherwise some lines or images may not appear.
  • To Save: Click on the link above, Select the folder you wish to download to, then click “Save.”
  • To Print: This is a PDF file. Use Adobe Reader or a similar program to open and print.

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Terms of Use: By downloading this file, you are agreeing to the terms of use found on SarasMusicStudio.com. 
Image Credits:
The piano and staff are © SarasMusicStudio.com. All Spring themed graphics are created by MyCuteGraphics.com and are used with permission.

Looking for St. Patrick’s Day Games? Check out my St. Patrick’s Day Rhythm Game from last year. I’ll be posting about how we use this game in the studio later on this week. Sneak Peak: I’m going to have LOTS of suggestions for the “write your own challenges.”


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